Review | Mellowes Adventure and Childcare

Steven made the experience incredibly enjoyable | Group Tours Review 2020

We had a wonderful and lovely visit to Mellowes which was extremely informative in an incredibly child friendly way. The children had so much fun. The children have had a fabulous day at Mellowes and could have easily stayed a few more hours. There is so much for children to see and do at Mellowes. For some of the children it was their first encounter with plants, fruit and vegetable care and education. Steven made the experience incredibly enjoyable and connected wonderfully with them. The children were amazed at the eco garden in Mellowes. We are a group that will definitely be coming back here again. The welcome we received from Steven was amazing. He had so much time for the children.I would definitely recommend Mellowes to any group of children who are looking for something unique, fun, interactive, safe and enjoyable. Mellowes is a place that any adult working with any group of children should know about.

Michelle Rooney. 75th East Finglas