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Something very special and different for your group day out

Bouncy Castle Adventure Centre Mellowes

Day visits

A tour programme with our very experienced guide is available to groups of 20 plus children who visit Mellowes. Our group tours are delivered for children aged up to second class. We aim to make the group tour very informative, interactive, educational and fun for children, while enabling the grown ups who accompany the tour to feel relaxed in our peaceful, rural and safe setting enjoying complementary tea and coffee. 

These professionally organised group tours offer core activities such as disco/talent show, sport/fun activities, free play, lunch/snack time, gardening fun and environmental initiatives including the children’s Grow Project.

Our award winning centre is located on 3 acres of interactive fun educational activities, including many environmental care projects which have earned us a Green Flag award! 

We aim to make your tour visit very special, informative, interactive, educational and fun for kids in our chilled out, relaxed, peaceful rural setting. 

Group outdoor activities

Bouncy castle area, sport activities, coordination and balance areas, pedal go karting, mini golf, climbing towers, slides, swings, bowling, sand play, water play, Mud kitchen, obstacle course, wobble poles, monkey bars, imaginary play and picnic areas 

Group indoor activities

Flower seed planting, gardening skills, environment care projects, reduce, reuse and recycle projects, sand house, dining areas, disco and talent show.

Mellowes interactive educational school tours help children learn through playful activities

  • Health eating
  • An eco friendly grow tunnel 
  • The children’s flower growing project
  • Hands on approach to simple gardening.
  • Identify Flowers, Fruit and Vegetables
  • Harvest fruit and vegetable from our tunnel and garden
  • Taste fresh herbs from the garden

Green Flag award winning centre

Our many eco-friendly educational initiatives help our children to learn about caring for the natural environment, growing and eating plants and healthy food, and the concept of reduce, reuse and recycle.

  • Simple environmentally friendly ways to create a home garden
  • How to grow and care for your own Fruit and Vegetables
  • Understand why eating healthy Fruit and Vegetables is so important
  • Make your own compost at home
  • Discover what a wormery can do for us

Mellowes Children’s Grow Project

Become involved in this exciting project that has been running at Mellowes for 12 years. Children plant flower seeds/bulbs on their day visit to the Adventure Centre. After the children leave, Mellowes’ team will tend and cultivate the plantings until they are ready to be donated to elderly people in our community and to community projects.

This helps children understand the importance of caring for the community we live in and also teaches them to respect the plants that grow around us. It also helps young children connect with the elderly in the community.

Compost Making

While at Mellowes children are shown an easy way to make compost from leaves, grass and other material we find around us. Children are shown how we can turn our food waste into compost and how easy it is to set up your own compost making area at home. We explain how the compost is used to grow our seed/bulbs in and how the principle of reduce, reuse and recycle helps the environment. 

Group Tour reminder

Children must dress for the elements, a hat/cap can be worn, apply sun cream, and wear footwear that can easily be taken on and off. Velcro shoes or wellies are perfect.

Bring a packed lunch as there will be a small snack break and a big lunch.

Group Tour – Notes for Grown Ups

Teachers will be able to avail of complimentary tea/coffee and biscuits on arrival. There will be ample opportunity for teachers to accompany and observe their group while they are participating in the fun-filled activities. Teachers can also take photos of your group enjoying their school tour at Mellowes.

Group Tour Bookings

Mellowes tours are very popular and we strongly advise to book early to secure your preferred date. Bookings are accepted up to a year in advance, but we encourage you to contact us if you are looking for a last minute tour as well. 

Mellowes trained guides will manage the onsite activities during your group tour.  

To make a booking:

  1. Please contact our office to check availability – CONTACT US TODAY
  2. Download the booking form from our website here – DOWNLOAD BOOKING FORM
  3. A 50% deposit is required to confirm and secure your booking, which can be paid by bank transfer or by card over the phone. Once your date is confirmed to be available, we will hold it for you as a provisional booking for up to five working days to arrange for payment. 
  4. The completion payment is due on the day of the tour. Deposits are non refundable/Transferable


Day visits are €12 per child and this includes all activities. No additional charges apply for any activities. Up to 5 leaders/helpers are free


Day visits are three hours long. Guided tours start at 10am to 1pm

Book now

Call Mellowes today and let us help you understand how it all works. Once your date is available we take a 50% deposit and then we are able to confirm your booking.

Reviews of our Group Days Out

  • Steven made the experience incredibly enjoyable | Group Tours Review 2020

    We had a wonderful and lovely visit to Mellowes which was extremely informative in an incredibly child friendly way. The children had so much fun. The children have had a fabulous day at Mellowes and could have easily stayed a few more hours. There is so much for children to see and do at Mellowes. For some of the children it was their first encounter with plants, fruit and vegetable care and education. Steven made the experience incredibly enjoyable and connected wonderfully with them. The children were amazed at the eco garden in Mellowes. We are a group that will definitely be coming back here again. The welcome we received from Steven was amazing. He had so much time for the children.I would definitely recommend Mellowes to any group of children who are looking for something unique, fun, interactive, safe and enjoyable. Mellowes is a place that any adult working with any group of children should know about.

    Michelle Rooney. 75th East Finglas

  • We look forward to our next trip to Mellowes | Group Tours Review 2020

    A very enjoyable experience and a wonderful day out at Mellowes. The children were kept busy all day. The staff interacted very well with our girls and encouraged them to take part and have a go. At all activities there is an excellent diverse programme of indoor and outdoor educational fun. From the moment we arrived we were made welcome and we felt our group got v.i.p treatment. We look forward to our next trip to Mellowes. Many thanks to the staff at Mellowes

    Marie Mulhall. St. Canices Girl Guides

  • Very enjoyable experience at Mellowes | Group Tours Review 2020

    A well run, organised, and presented tour. Staff interacted very well with both leaders and children. Already considering a re-visit. All the varied activities made the educational bit fun. Very enjoyable experience at Mellowes.

    Irene Byrne. Knockbridge Ladybirds

  • Great day trip to Mellows | Group Tours Review 2020

    Great day trip to Mellows. Great variety of indoor and outdoor activities for children to enjoy. Thank you very much to the friendly staff at Mellowes.

    Elaine Murphy. Greenhills Cygnets

  • Our beaver group want to come back already | Group Tours Review 2020

    Excellent facilities. Well organised. Safe environment and all enclosed. Would recommend Mellowes to other groups. Thank you for a very enjoyable day. Another fabulous visit at Mellowes. We can always count on Mellowes to deliver. Facilities and their child focused and friendly programme is excellent. It would be hard to go anywhere else. Our beaver group want to come back already

    Karen Stevenson. 70th Porterstown. Dublin

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