Early Childhood Care and Education Scheme (ECCE)

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The ECCE Scheme at Mellowes

The ECCE scheme delivers this free 2 year 38 week model for parents requiring free pre school at Mellowes family fun adventure and childcare centre. This scheme runs parallel with the primary school calendar.

This free 2 year ECCE scheme is delivered by Mellowes Childcare Centre. This is a 38 week model and is mirrored on the primary school year schedule.

We have our first year class room for year one of ECCE catering for children aged 3 to 4 years and a separate year 2 room delivering ECCE/Montessori for children aged 4 years to 5 years.

Both rooms are fully equipped with carefully selected and graded materials which allow children to master different tasks as a child reaches each milestone and developmental stage.

Monies awarded by the ECCE scheme are deducted from your childcare costs for children who attend on a full time basis.