Gift Card Mellowes Adventure Centre

Mellowes Gift Voucher Adventure Centre 2022
Mellowes Christmas Voucher 2021-2022

Please browse our FAQ’s about gift cards for Mellowes.

What the Gift Card can be used for:

This gift card can be used for our online booking service. You can use it to book a family day out or to book a Birthday Party in our Adventure Centre in Meath.

Can the Gift Card be used for booking Family Days Out?

Yes our Family days out need to be reserved in advance online. When you are checking out you can enter your Gift Card Number and then the amount of your Gift Card will be discounted off your booking price. This Gift card cannot be presented at the door – you must use it in our online booking service.

Can the Gift Card be used in the Coffee Cart?

No you cannot use this gift card to purchase Coffee or other treats on our premises. We do not have facilities in place to scan your cards and want to continue providing you with an efficient service on-site. If you have a remaining balance on your card you can use it on a future booking.

Can I split the Gift Card across multiple bookings?

Yes you can use your gift card multiple times until the balance is gone.

Can I exchange the Gift Card for Cash?

No this gift card cannot be exchanged for cash. It can only be used to book our adventure centre online.

Does this Gift Card Expire?

Yes the Gift card must be used within the season. For example if you buy a gift card in December 2022 then you must use that balance by August 2023 (as our season is May to August). If you purchased the gift card in August 2023 then you must redeem it in August as our season ends.