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Mellowes Toddler room (2 to 3 years)

Our toddler room encourages development through fun activities, play and child-lead learning within the national framework of Aistear and Siolta curriculum.In this room, children learn to participate in activities for longer periods of time. The room environment is spacious, bright and welcoming. The room has different areas allowing for role play, table top activities, library, quiet area, home corner and free play area.

Mellowes Toddler Room High Quality Childcare Centre

Our interactive curriculum helps to develop your child’s speech and language. It also helps children to develop their own character and personality in a fun-filled child lead learning environment.

Children will learn letters, numbers, colours, shapes, take part in art and crafts, story time and lots of other curriculum activities that will help them develop.

Independence and confidence building is achieved through being around other children of their own age and size, sharing and caring for each other. Activities such as singing, dancing and story time, songs, nursery rhymes and circle time helps with all of this early development.

Mellowes Childcare has a suitable range of toys and materials that have been carefully selected to enable children to develop their social, cognitive and physical skills.

Physical skills Will be achieved through small and large indoor and outdoor equipment.

Gross Motor Skills Will be achieved through activities such as climbing, running, jumping etc.

Fine motor Skills Are developed through the use of Crayons, brushes, construction equipment, pegs, straw work, jig-saws and board games.

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