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Mellowes year two ECCE / Montessori (4 to 5 years)

Mellowes Montessori is run by a qualified and experienced Montessori teacher. The children work with specialised learning equipment which is graded in difficulty, self-correction and designed for success.

In our class room children work at their own pace and master basic skills at their own level of ability, and develop a love of learning.

Areas of the curriculum include the following

Practical Life Care of self, our belongings and the environment.

Sensory Materials Interesting exercises for learning through sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell.

Mathematics materials step by step use of rods, beads, spindles and cubes that can be used to learn how to count.

Language materials Developing a child’s skill through the use of letters, alphabet, books, stories and circle time.

Culture subjects Developing an understanding of geography, history, nature, science, art and music through materials and activities.

Mellowes EECE Year One Room High Quality Adventure Centre

Music and Dance An introduction to instruments and the various forms of dance and music.

Nature and Garden A hands on approach to planting, caring for flowers, fruit and vegetables in the children’s garden. Children are introduced to easy ways to reduce, reuse and recycle enjoying projects that care for our environment.

Aistear and Siolta This is the national framework used when planning all of our activities. The curriculum will allow children to explore their imagination, develop their language and communication skills, develop self control and think independently.

Graduation for your child

Mellowes graduation marks the end of the two year ECCE cycle and it is a major milestone in your child’s early education and developments. 

We organise a very special event that siblings, parents and grandparents can attend, subject to health and safety guidelines at the time. Children will be presented with a certificate to acknowledge all their hard work and efforts over the previous two years. 

It is a very special day for your child and it is the perfect opportunity to celebrate your child’s progress and achievement – not to mention taking memorable family photos to be treasured in the years to come!

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