Green Schools An Taisce

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Mellowes family fun adventure and childcare centre are an award winning centre who were also awarded a green flag due to the enormous amount of ongoing work at the centre in relation to care of the environment and the sustainability of our world around us. Each time a project begins at Mellowes the environment and sustainability are at its core.

Children at Mellowes get a hands on, practical approach to making a difference through reducing waste, reusing the things we are finished with and recycling any time we get an opportunity to do so.

Many projects are in operation at the centre that benefits our children with life skills and their involvement in these projects can only reap rewards to them personally, the people around them, their community and the world.

Mellowes have worked very hard over many years to achieve these rewards and Mellowes are very proud to be an award winning centre making a real difference in our world.