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Do you need a place to mark end of year activities, annual events or presentations. Since 2009 we have been welcoming groups on their day trips to mark a special time of year. We have a very unique centre and programme that your younger groups of children will love and benefit from. Mellowes family fun adventure and childcare centre are an environmental award winning centre and the only adventure centre in Ireland to be awarded a green flag due to all the environmental projects being run at the centre that children can get involved in while visiting. Mellowes deliver a fun interactive educational tour to your group of young children with our very experienced guide. Enjoy our children’s garden, the seed growing project, fairy garden, exploring flowers, sensory garden, learning about fruit and vegetables, compost making, caring about our community and caring about the world we live in. On their day visit to us children are involved in the project activities and all the fun activities that Mellowes have to offer. It truly is a fantastic experience and special treat for any child.
Contact us today at Mellowes family fun adventure and childcare centre and let us help organise a memorable and unique experience for your day trip to Mellowes.